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Post by Scarlet on Sun Apr 19, 2015 1:28 pm

We did have our own feature, here are the list of feature :

  • An advanced shoutbox. FYI, it doesn't belongs to Coding Support. You'll see the credit when you open the shoutbox.
    [ic]/slap <user>[/ic] - slaps user with random things. It would return random things everytime you slap. Try it!
    [ic]/fortune <user>[/ic] - tells you the user's fortune. You can even ask for your fortune. Give it a try.
    [ic]/me[/ic] - lets you cheat with the two commands above. So it's like this to cheat : [ic]/me slap Kurome with a creepy hand[/ic] then you might get your cheating result! [ic]/me : Kurome was unlucky as hell[/ic] then you might get your cheating result! You can even enter this.. [ic]/me was brb[/ic] then it will output 'Scarlet was brb' or whatever your username are.
  • Member Title. You can even have your own titles, not the original titles that were provided by the administrator. Isn't that great. You can check your Member Title below your username. You can even change your Member Title in your profile.
  • Advanced SCEditor. Allows you to manipulate your SCEditor's theme, change the color palette, added a new BBCode button which will toggle 'fullscreen' SCEditor.

More and MOAR of it might be added at this topic when I finishes coding the JS.

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