Welcome to Coding Support!

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Welcome to Coding Support!

Post by Scarlet on Fri Apr 17, 2015 8:27 pm

Hello and welcome to Coding Support! The description of the forum was kinda odd to me, so I'll change the description at a short time. Razz
Have fun on experimenting with coding here. You can even ask something you didn't understand or you want us to fix some bugs in your script.. and maybe, requesting some code.. and even make a tutorial.
Me, Scarlet, I think I didn't really have time to spare my time here, but I'll answer your questions and make a tutorial if I can.
There are some different coding section for you to ask or read or whatever it for, but in this time I'll only add JavaScript, HTML, and CSS since I'm not that smart in the other coding languages such as PHP, but you can always ask for PHP etc in General and I'll figure some way to sort the topics out.. maybe if I can, I'll make a new coding section if possible.

You can always interact in the chatbox with another user that are logged in at the chatbox. Make sure to join the conversation and say hi to another member, alright? If possible, though. LOL.

Welcome to Coding Support! Very Happy

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