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Post by Scarlet on Thu Apr 16, 2015 7:39 pm


We did also had our rules.. even if we didn't really think that rules was important in a forum which contains so many developers, really. But let's go through this thingy :


  • Please don't post forbidden stuff.
  • Do post at the topic when some codes weren't working. And please make sure that some codes didn't work for all versions.
  • Junk and multiple posts was ALLOWED. I'm not joking Smile
  • Please don't use offensive words. That might starts a fight.
  • Don't spam.

Long.. very long version, actually.

  • Please, and please, we want you to avoid posting sexual contents such as.. uh, I hate to tell that kind of thing. This is a forum for coding developer, not a forum that.. no, I did hate to tell that.
  • If the code provided didn't work, please report the problem in the Support forum. I did hate to tell this but, a coding tutorial thread will just contains a tutorial nor a critics.. and stuffs, except bug reports, problem reports, and many things you're actually thinking of.
  • Junk and double post was allowed, really. Except for multiple posts that were annoying. So make sure you did use the Edit button to edit your post to avoid thread spamming.
  • Don't swear or an instant ban will arrives to you as I see your post. Don't be rude, really.
  • Don't spam. I hate spams message. And, don't be Out of Topic. I hate a response-less post. I did really hate them.

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