JavaScript = jQuery

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JavaScript = jQuery

Post by Scarlet on Tue Aug 25, 2015 3:56 pm

Some people assumes that JavaScript wasn't the same as jQuery. Please don't hear them!

Some peoples were asking about the difference between JavaScript & jQuery and some of them assumes that jQuery was a new, simplified version of JavaScript. Don't hear them!

Because JavaScript was the same as jQuery, no matter what happens.

"Peoples uses jQuery more", who cares? jQuery was a library of JavaScript though.
"jQuery was easier than JavaScript", calls that as a reason?
jQuery is foolish to say. It's good to simplifies thing if you need to finish it quickly.

Anyway. I'd discovered something other than JavaScript = jQuery, what's the slurp we'll hear now?

Peoples making a wrapper function for simple things.

Seriously. Peoples making wrapper function for simple things. It's faster to do that simple thing but they won't hear.

Let me show you something this.

function getElem(id) {

Why did you make that when it's already a function lol? Though this wrong, maybe you'll need to understand the language more.

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